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sharyl smith sharylsmith at att.net
Fri Feb 17 14:19:01 MST 2012

News has just arrived, we are still on the priority list. It's a surprise to all 
of us!
Please, email the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee and the Executive 
Appropriations Committee members. It would be helpful to inform them that the 
money is needed to expand to e-books and/or other electronic resources. (If 
that's not your case, then tell what you would purchase and which students, 
subjects, grade levels, etc. would benefit.)
One principal told me that e-books are very important to struggling 
middle-school readers because all the books look the same from the outside, no 
one else knows what a student having difficulty might be reading.  Even type 
size can be altered. And, of course, electronic and print resources are helping 
our students to become critical thinkers because they must analyze which 
information they are looking for, where best to find it, and whether or not it 
is quality information when they do find it. (Looks familiar?)
You know the message better than I, but with today's legislature, many are most 
interested in electronic resources. 

Please email, even if you have before. We need volume. 
As always, use your home computer. Write "school library funding" in the subject 
line. (Sometimes this is all that is read, but it counts!)
Many thanks! There still is a chance. Please do your part.
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