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sharyl smith sharylsmith at att.net
Fri Feb 17 08:32:11 MST 2012


The Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee voted this week to approve 
their prioritized list of education appropriation bills and proposals. They 
voted to fund items 1-13 on the list; we are 17th. 

As it stands, the line item for "school library books and electronic resources" 
maintains an ongoing figure of $500,000. So far, there are no additional monies, 
ongoing or one-time-only, appropriated. 

Representative Tim Cosgrove and Senator Daniel Thatcher continue to support the 

I thank every one who emailed, telephoned, or met with a legislator regarding 
money for school libraries. Every effort counts. Thank you. 

The session isn't over yet. 

Best wishes,


Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
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