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Tue Feb 7 11:08:46 MST 2012


Now is the time to send information about how you spent the most recent 
legislative funds for school libray books and electronic resources. In the past, 
you have been very effective in describing what you purchased and how the new 
resources benefitted student learning and teachers teaching.

Please do this again now. It's extremely important that the people who control 
funding know how effectively school libraries use any funds allocated to the 
school library budget. As new curriculum standards come our way, and with 
increasing demands for e-books, as well as for foreign language materials for 
language immersion programs and to support  nonEnglish-speaking students, 
pressures on our budgets mount terrifically. 

Discussions will take place within the week, as early as Thursday morning. 

Please email this message and the attachment to your home computer and use that 
computer to email. 

Many thanks. You make the difference.

Best wishes, 

Sharyl Smith
sharylsmith at att.net
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