[library-media] Selection Policy Redux

Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us
Fri Jan 6 08:40:59 MST 2012

Good Morning everyone:

I am now on a quest to get the written library selection policy from every
district in the state.  Thanks to South SanPete and Davis for sending me the
relevant info and to Granite and Weber for giving me a yes/no answer.  But
could someone from the other districts please send me the selection policy
from your district.  Don¹t assume that someone else will do it ­ I¹d rather
get 10 of the same policy than not get one.  This has become a quest.

So far the Œf¹ policy sounds like a myth or a habit or just a verbal policy
that is not set in stone.  I would like to know the truth.

Jordan district ­ I have us covered, you can take a break.

There are LOTS of districts to go, so I appreciate any help I can get!

Cindy M.
-- Cindy Mitchell
South Jordan Middle School
10245 S 2700 W
South Jordan UT 84095
FAX 801-412-2930

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