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Welcome back.  I realize many of you will not be back in your schools in time to respond to this but please if you get this before August 12th PLEASE respond to the survey.  Thank you.


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Subject: Promote Institute of Museum and Library Services Involvement with School Libraries

The Institute of Museum and Library Services<http://www.imls.gov/> (IMLS) is somewhat comparable with regard to libraries as the federal Department of Education is to schools. IMLS is conducting an online public discussion and survey that will help to shape the agency's next five-year strategic plan.

The mechanism for gathering public opinion is called a Scale Survey<http://imls.ideascale.com/>. People post ideas and, similar to Facebook, others can indicate whether they like or dislike an idea and comment further. People can also indicate a like or dislike on a comment but not comment on a comment. IMLS has identified four categories for comments, including "support lifelong learning for a competitive workforce and engaged public."

Currently, IMLS leaves the responsibility of school libraries to the Department of Education. Someone posted in the lifelong learning category that IMLS needs to become involved with school libraries. To date, this posting, out of a total of 20, has gathered 82 "likes" and ten comments, ranking it 25th . The most popular posting, which mentions school libraries, has 225 "likes."

The Survey Scale is open to all. Register and indicate which proposals have your support! Look for other proposals that would benefit school libraries, such as, "Forge Partnerships." In the comment section, indicate that IMLS and the Department of Education should partner in supporting and promoting school libraries to improve student achievement.

The Survey Scale functions until August 12. Alert as many of your school librarians immediately about this site and urge them to "like" and comment. The sooner people post ideas, the longer the opportunity for the idea to gain attention. An idea posted close to the end of the comment period is at a disadvantage of gaining popularity.

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