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With your professional batteries recharged for the new school year,
CHECK OUT THESE YouTube videos. Cool ideas!
Thanks to Becky Russell, Colorado Department of Education, for sharing
the links.



An FYI for NASTEMP members.  Some of you might find the Colorado
“Highly Effective School Library Program” Competencies/Evaluation
Rubric (part of our newly revised Power Library Program) helpful.  
We made YouTube videos to illustrate 5 of these competencies.  We’re
hoping they will provide useful for in-service/advocacy purposes (and
get lots of hits : > )  See below posting that went out to several
places yesterday.
Thinkin’ Outside the Box, Your Librarian Rocks! YouTube Videos for
School Librarians (
Show everyone what a highly effective school librarian looks like — in
2 minutes or less! Access five newly-created YouTube videos and learn
more about Colorado’s newly revised “Power Library Program Retooled!” 
at this link:
These video clips show teacher/librarian collaboration, 21st century
practices, school librarians as master teachers, and more!!!  Watch
them, use them, and pass them on!!!
Becky Russell| School Library Senior Consultant | Colorado Department
of Education |303.866.6772 | russell_b at cde.state.co.us (
mailto:davidr at azteknetworks.com )
"A highly effective school librarian Is viewed universally by the
school as an instructional leader and serves as chair of committees that
support instructional school goals."  View more "Highly Effective School
LIbrary Program Competencies" at
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