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I know that many of you are in and out of your libraries all summer
despite the public believing you are on paid holiday. So, hopefully,
you'll read this linked article and let it jump start your upcoming
year. Do reading all those fabulous blogs leave you stressed out because
you're just keeping up with the teaching and management requirements?
For all you out there who are running large libraries with no staffing
support - notice I did NOT say I was going to start a blog, just read
other's work for mental and emotional sustainence!

Salem Press Library Blog Awards
http://salempress.com/Store/blogs/blog_home.htm Makes me want to get
into my library warrior costume and start incoming student orientations
again! Seriously, who knew there was a Geek Pride Day in May? I better
add the Librarian in Black blog to my news feeds. And we really need a
Maker Faire here in Utah - so much better than a technology conference
because you get to move around and make things. 

Layton High 
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