[library-media] New Summary on School Library Impact Studies Published This Year

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I just saw this report (relatively short, 16 pages) and I thought you
may find it cool reading during this hot summer.

Although evidence demonstrating how quality school library programs
improve student learning has been in existence since Mary Gaver’s
original work in 1963, the research has never been well disseminated
beyond the school library profession. In an effort to help school
administrators and other stakeholders to better understand the
importance of providing equitable, instructional school library
services, the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) decided
to update their website to include the major findings from the landmark
body of research known as the “school library impact studies.” Begun in
the early 1990’s by Dr. Keith Curry Lance and his associates at the
Colorado Department of Education and the University of Denver, these
reports primarily correlated standardized language arts test scores of
students to components of school library programs. To date, 22 states
and one Canadian province have provided data for such research conducted
by Lance and a variety of other researchers...
Thanks to Patience Frederiksen, Alaska State Library, for sharing the
Juan Tomás

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