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Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Tue Apr 12 12:26:39 MDT 2011

In honor of National Library Week, I send you the dialogue from a
recent student-librarian conversation. We're all in this together so
>From a 2nd period U.S. Studies class doing research on civil rights:
Me: Did you copy down the publishing data from your book or photocopy
it so that you can create a works cited page?
Her: I'm just going to use the Internet.
Me: That's great, you CAN use the Internet, but you need to ALSO use
the summaries you just created from the books you just found.
Her: So we need to use the information from the books?
Me: Yes, and you need to cite the information on a works cited page AND
internally in the paper.
Her: Oh, I never did that before...I just used the Internet.
Me: Yes, I believe it, but, every term so far you have been assigned to
use information from both print and electronic sources - and cite them.
Her: Well, that [stinks]! 
Me: You have no idea how much! (Giggle)
Her: So, it's different this time? We have to use information from the
books, too?
Me: (Sigh) 
Happy spring day during National Library Week.
Layton High
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