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Wed Mar 30 07:58:35 MDT 2011


A last check with the Legislative Fiscal Analyst for Education revealed the 
final figures for the Education Budget line item for "school library books and 
electronic resources" appropriated in the 2011 session for next year.

Contrary to my earlier report, instead of appropriating $400,000 in ongoing 
funding and $200,000 in one-time-only money, the Legislature actually 
appropriated $500,000 in ongoing (exactly what we asked for) and $200,000 in 
one-time-only funding. 

The correct total is $700,000! 

It's still not a lot of money, but it shows that, more than ever, legislators 
are aware of school libraries and value the program enough to increase 
funding. Now we need to build on this year's success. 

Best wishes,

Sharyl Smith

Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former Utah State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
Former Granite School District administrator
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