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I'm hearing that many of you are talking with your principals about your 
school library program and I'm learning that many of you are still emailing 
legislators with your thanks.

Now it's my turn to thank YOU. Its essential to have a team effort and everyone 
who helps is part of the team.  I thank you.

Concerning regular meetings with your principals, I'm reminded of what we did in 
the Granite School District when I supervised the program. In talking with 
principals, teacher librarians used an agenda outline of these four points: 

Program--an overview of the curriculum currrently taught; collaboration efforts, 

Budget--how it's being spent, budget needs, etc.

Alert--Special programs, e.g., "Second graders are dressing as their favorite 
book characters next Tuesday," or "Senior Projects will be on display in the 
library in May," or any problems that need to be addressed right away, etc.

Planning--discussions of long-term plans for the school library program: next 
semester, next year, in the future, to bring the principal on board early and 
win support.

Some of you will be far ahead of me on this, but if not, this might be useful. 
It works!

Best wishes,

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