[library-media] Let your voice be heard

Lanell Rabner lanell.rabner at nebo.edu
Fri Feb 18 09:03:36 MST 2011

Let your voice be heard! The Secretary of Education, Arne 
Duncan, has agreed to respond to your questions during the 
February 26th National Youth Summit in DC 
<http://sparkaction.org/summit-info> . What do you want 
Secretary Duncan to address? You have five (5) votes to 
pick your favorites!

You can vote even if you don't submit a question, and you 
can change your votes at any time until midnight on 
February 18th by clicking Remove.

There are currently several questions about school 
libraries. If they are the top questions it will show Sec. 
Duncan that the entire country is concerned about school 

You may not entirely agree with the wording of the 
questions but the point is to get school libraries into 
the discussion. If everyone on AASL Forum, lm_net, and 
state list serves vote we definitely will have these 
questions in the top 10. Here are the questions and voting 


State money is good, but federal support of school 
libraries is even better! Get on sparkaction today and 
vote for our future and the future of kids.


Lanell Rabner
Springville High School
1205 East 900 South
Springville, Utah 84663 USA
lanell.rabner at nebo.edu

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