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Wed Feb 16 15:18:40 MST 2011


The Executive Appropriations Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow, Wednesday, 
February 17, at 5:15pm, in the Senate Building, the east building, in Room 210, 
above the cafeteria. The agenda has not yet been posted, but you can check to 
see if the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee's proposed budget is 
listed by checking official website this evening:


Also, if you plan to attend, check the website before you head to the Capitol. 
Remember last year's last-minute cancellation? As far as I know, there will be 
no public comment. 

In the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee, at this time, school 
library books and electronic resources funding is retained as a line item at 
$500,000, exactly what we asked for. We've had good support and, regardless of 
the final outcome, there will be people to thank.

Email me if you have questions.

Best wishes,


Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
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