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Thanks for your newspaper letter, Marianne! 
We all know you can't teach library information skills with one trip to the library a year. The same goes for PR. You can't convey the value of library programs with seasonal and limited brand recognition. I highly recommend that some communication comes from parents. Have the Rotary Club respond to career issues. Communications from PTA and Community Councils are good ways to start. Perhaps academic librarians could speak to the value of college preparation. We need all the help we can get - year round. This is a call for PR collaboration.
After 20 years of teaching library skills the teachers who don't utilize the library - as well as the NEW teachers and administrators - still don't know what I do. Facing the real possibility of losing the part time assistants in the high school libraries in Davis District, I met with my new principal. He suggested that I train a student TA to (MARC) catalog books and videos!  Give me strength...
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Hello library friends,

Today I realized how little some people know about what we do as library-media teachers.  I wrote a letter to the editor about school library funding, and the resulting comments appalled me. People don't know what we do and what goes on in school libraries!  

This experience has shown me that I need to be taking every chance I can to show my school and community what happens in the library.  We need to talk about the library in every school newsletter, in every PTA meeting, on the morning announcements, whenever we can, so others can understand how school libraries can affect student achievement and make students life-long readers and learners.

Do your part--get the word out!!

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