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We need to keep plugging along. The emails are very, very effective, especially 
because they are not "canned." 

It's not at all too late for people who have not emailed to do so now. 

We also need parents to email. Their voices count "extra." 

There was a good response from members of the Public Education  Appropriations 
Committee yesterday. We need to build on that. The  question has become, "Should 
this funding be a line item?" Also, the  current amount, $100, 000, needs to be 
raised to $500,000--but "ongoing"  is the most important factor of all. 

People might say what they would purchase with the money if it is approved.

Thanks to everyone who is taking part!

Sharyl Smith

Here are the members with their addresses:    PLEASE USE YOUR HOME COMPUTER.

Sen. D. Chris Buttars, Chair       dcbuttars at utahsenate.org
Rep. Merlynn T. Newbold, Chairmerlynnnewbold at utah.gov
Rep. Kenneth W. Sumsion, Vice Chair    ksumsion at utah.gov
Sen. J. Stuart Adams    jsadams at utahsenate.org
Rep. LaVar Christensenlavarchristensen at utah.gov
Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove   tcosgrove at utah.gov
Rep. Steve Eliason        seliason at utah.gov
Rep. Francis D. Gibsonfgibson at utah.gov
Rep. Stephen G. Handystevehandy at utah.gov
Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard     lhillyard at utahsenate.org
Rep. Ken Ivory  kivory at utah.gov
Sen. Mark B. Madsen    mmadsen at utahsenate.org
Sen. Karen W. Morgan   kmorgan at utahsenate.org
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss      csmoss at utah.gov
Rep. Jim Nielson           jimnielson at utah.gov
Rep. Marie H. Poulson   mariepoulson at utah.gov
Sen. Howard A. Stephenson      hstephenson at utahsenate.org
Sen. Daniel W. Thatcherdthatcher at utahsenate.orgRep. Bill 
Wrightbillwright at utah.gov
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