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Yesterday's meeting of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee provided 
a favorable first step for retaining funding school library books and electronic 
resources, but the conversation has just started! Email me for more details, if 
you are interested. 

In Monday's meeting (January 24, 5:15pm in the Capitol, Room 445), the 
discussion will turn from "what each program provides" to "what should we cut to 
balance the  budget." The legislative staff has selected "school library books 
and electronic resources" as one of a handful of line items to be eliminated. 
Show your support by attending the meeting. (Don't bring your books this time.) 

After the meeting, you will have an opportunity to talk with legislators to 
inform them about how you spent the money in the past and the effect of these 
resources on teaching, learning, and student achievement in your school. 

Best wishes,


Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former Utah State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
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