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Good Morning folks!!!

Please respond to my quick, informal survey regarding some 
conference sessions. We need your input on whether to 
include certain sessions and duplicate other sessions or 
not. If we've left out a technology need, please let us 
know. Just reply to this email and quickly let me know 
what you would like to see offered at the the conference. 
And don't forget - send in a Session Proposal - we have 
plenty of open slots and want to hear from you as well!

Include - a Software User Group Meetings
Duplicate any of the UEN technology sessions

Session – NetSafe Utah
Session – Google Calendar for your Media Center
Session – Not Your Grandma’s Document Camera  Include and or duplicate

Session – Flip video Camera to the Web
Session – Way Beyond Power-Point: Prezi, Nota, and More 
for Presentations  Include and or duplicate

Session – What’s New in Pioneer and eMedia?
Session – information Delivered
Session – WINDOWS Podcasts for the Library Media Center – 
double session
Session – eBooks for You and Your Library!  Include and or duplicate

Session – iPods for Education? Really?

Duplicate - Book Repair 101 Include and or duplicate

Duplicate - Cataloging 101



Lanell Rabner
Springville High School
1205 East 900 South
Springville, Utah 84663 USA
lanell.rabner at nebo.edu
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