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Lanell Rabner lanell.rabner at nebo.edu
Fri Dec 17 09:20:50 MST 2010

Thanks Georgia! I watched the video and read the article 
this morning and it warmed my heart. I really LOVE being a 
librarian! Even without an aide. Even when I can't get 
through my office door for the book trucks of uncatalogued 
materials lining the walls and entrance. Even when three 
weeks of unprocessed magazines are spilling onto the 
floor. Even when I've stayed until 5pm 4 out of 5 days for 
the 3rd straight week helping my juniors with their major 
inquiry project. Even when my sub waters my books along 
with my plants. Even when my large screen LCD TV blows up, 
shooting out sparks and smoke. Even when the district 
continues to block all music appreciation and social issue 
web sites. At the end of the day everything is worth it, 
when you hear, "Ask Mrs. Rabner, she's the librarian and 
she knows everything.

Happy Holiday :)


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> Here is a link to a story of school libraries that aired 
>last night, December 16, on KSL-TV 
>http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=13692353  Have a Happy 
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