[library-media] An anachronism?

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This blog was an inspiring voice for school libraries. Valencia's blog
would be most useful, however, if it had been published in EdWeek or
American School Board Journal. Although these preaching-to-the-choir
articles makes us proud, we need the principals, superintendent and
school board members to be proud of us, too. Are any of them writing
pro-library articles to education journals? If not, we have to do it
ourselves! So do as I say, and not as I do :-) - go submit a wonderful
article to an education journal. I'm too busy trying to get a new web
site up!
Layton High  

>>> "Lanell Rabner" <lanell.rabner at nebo.edu> 12/2/2010 1:50 PM >>>
If you have not already read Joyce Valenza's What 
librarians make. A response to Dr. Bernstein and an homage 
to Taylor Mali, check it out. Made me proud to be a 
librarian and I agree with Joyce - I am not an 


Happy end of the week :)


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