[library-media] Student Volunteers & Costumes

Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Thu Nov 4 13:00:11 MDT 2010

1. Attached are Halloween costume and mummy pictures of Heather Price and myself. This is in response to requests for a show and tell. 
Thanks to all of you for tips and suggestions. Heather's Medusa wig was made from weave cap, snakes and braids. Mine was made by sewing braids and to a wig.  A really great suggestion I received was to use a dread lock wig. And, apparently, the Shakespeare Festival Gift Shop in Cedar City always sells a wonderful Medusa hat during their season. 
2. Jordan Triptow jtriptow at slcpl.org would like to know of schools that have well-functioning student volunteer programs. Here at Layton High I try to have two TAs per period but I imagine some of you will have other types of volunteer programs involving students.  Please let her know what works for you. Jordan works with the Salt Lake Public Library and is involved with ULA.
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