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Fellow/ess school librarians,
I am making a Medusa head. My nephew told me that his SUPER DUPER junior high librarian made a Medusa costume, but I forgot to ask her name or school name, for that matter. If you know how to make the hair piece please let me know.  I believe a swim cap and rubber snakes were involved.  If you know where to buy LARGE rubber snakes, I am looking for those as well - small ones are easily come by it seems.
In exchange here are instructions for making a life-sized mummy. I used a TA for a model, old, torn, white sheets, white duct tape and a Styrofoam ball for the head. Who knew Styrofoam was so expensive? We weighted the feet with gravel from the parking lot and tooth floss to tie up the arms. I was tempted to leave my TA wrapped up forever but didn't think I could get away with it. I stuck a metal rod (old tent pole) up the inside to keep him upright. One site recommended using butcher's tape because when you wet it, it's moldable. Just be sure NOT to try plaster tape for broken arms, apparently you can make the TA pass out and that's definitely not school appropriate.
Be sure to read comments NEVER MAKE A PLASTER BODY CAST! Danger!
This one uses water-activated packing tape.
Layton High
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