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Southern Workshop Participants
For those school librarians who attended my Really Relevant presentation at the UELMA fall workshop, you can access my slide show at http://www.slideserve.com/presentation/27547/Really-Relevant-Information-Literacy-Skills
The embedded videos don't show, though. Be sure to take the time to search out the Student Discussion Groups YouTube video. It is done by the Information School at the U of Washington just as was Librarians do Gaga.
I really believe that we won't get students to internalize research steps or information literacy skills unless we can show the relevance in real life, not just school. Personal examples are best.
I didn't explain the two presentation/poster handouts. I always try to make a real life connection whenever I teach a research concept. In the case of posters as an end product I demo examples of poster sessions in large professional settings by going to Google images and searching "poster session." In the case of the end product being a slide show I Google images of "conference presentation" or "sales presentation."
If you will e-mail me I will send you the tutorials assignment I give our sophomore students - thanks to Weber State Stewart Library.
Layton High
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