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I have a teacher who is looking for books that are similar to "Trials"  
by Joseph Meier, with J. Gary Sheets. Any suggestions?

Here is a description of "Trials":

Gary Sheets' Trials

On October 15, 1985 2 grizzly pipe bomb murders shook the population  
of Salt Lake City Utah. The victims were a brilliant young Bishop of  
the LDS church, Steven Christensen, and Kathy Sheets, the wife of his  
long time friend, former employer,and also an LDS Bishop, J. Gary  

Their murders launched an investigation that uncovered a forgery  
scheme designed to do nothing less than corrupt the early history of  
the Mormon Church, and a forger so prolific his work is still being  
uncovered today. For J. Gary Sheets, that was but the beginning of his  

J Gary Sheets lost his wife, his long time friend and partner, his  
business, his home, his position in the Church, his wealth, and his  
freedom. "Innocent until proven guilty" That is the saying we all know  
so well. Let's hope none of us ever have to find as Gary did, through  
many, many, trials...

There have been many accountings of the events in Salt Lake City  
before, during and after Oct 15th 1985. Now, get first hand the true  
story, as told by the only one who can. Gary Sheets. This is Gary's  
fascinating, heart wrenching, story of his Trials. And his ultimate  
triumph. What an amazing story, and what an amazing man. Meet Gary  
Sheets, and hear about his Trials.

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