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Re: Governor Herbert's Montly News Conference
I agree with Diana. I have found that legislators - by extension governors I would imagine - city councils, district superintendents, school board members, community council members, etc. are really very interested to find out what we do, especially when we are not asking for something or complaining.  Nobody likes a whiner, but someone who pleasantly informs is usually welcome. (I want my legacy at my funeral to be: Yeah, but she was generally pleasant about it!)
So, this is a good time to send an e-mail, a copy of a newsletter, or make a presentation, especially now when elections and sessions are in the past. PR for the sake of information is a great thing to do in ADVANCE of an emergency. I don't believe it's possible to make the changes in perceptions without a bit of effort. 
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>>> Diana Hanke <dhanke at dcsd.org> 3/30/2010 9:08 AM >>>
As I reflected further on the comment made by Governor Herbert, I found
myself feeling quite empathetic with the legislators and the governor.  They
had a tough job to do and cuts had to be made; cuts never make anyone happy.
Instead of reflecting on the huge, almost impossible picture in change of
perception, we as library media teachers really need to make a concerted
effort to educate starting on a home-grown level with our own staffs and
administration.  Do our teachers and administrators know there are resources
in the library to support their curriculum?  Are the teachers using those
resources when they teach particular units?  Do we involve teachers in the
selection process and encourage use?  Are we collaborating with teachers on
specific lessons and using the resources within our libraries for support?
If we make ourselves indispensable within our own school community, that
indispensability will spread.  Once we make a dedicated effort at take
small steps in our own school communities, we can make what seems impossible
and disheartening, possible.

On 3/27/10 1:30 PM, "Diana Hanke" <dhanke at dcsd.org> wrote:

> The UEN page is my home page, and I always scan the headlines there before I
> move anywhere else.  I clicked into Governor Herbert's Monthly Address
> Manuscript, and found myself quite discouraged.
> In his review of the legislative session and funding for education, one
> quote stood out.  "And when it was all said and done we ended up getting a
> little nick with $10 million, in areas that are probably not as essentials
> to the classroom, like library books, most schools would have been able to
> purchase three or four new library books this year, now they won't be able
> to because of the $10 million in cut. But I feel very good about that...."
> It sounds like Governor Herbert needs a little education about how library
> books are purchased and what the use is for.  Don't we all purchase and
> develop our collections around the core curriculums specifically taught in
> our schools with encouragement of lifetime reading a second priority?
> I guess our job to explain our job will never end.  Instead, it is a larger
> priority than ever.
> Diana Hanke
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