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That was a legislative fight in the committees as well. They must think libraries stand alone with no connection to the classroom and that the books purchased are done so as part of an arbitrary decision.

Fawn Morgan
Layton High

>>> Diana Hanke 03/27/10 1:31 PM >>> 
The UEN page is my home page, and I always scan the headlines there before I 
move anywhere else. I clicked into Governor Herbert's Monthly Address 
Manuscript, and found myself quite discouraged. 

In his review of the legislative session and funding for education, one 
quote stood out. "And when it was all said and done we ended up getting a 
little nick with $10 million, in areas that are probably not as essentials 
to the classroom, like library books, most schools would have been able to 
purchase three or four new library books this year, now they won't be able 
to because of the $10 million in cut. But I feel very good about that...." 

It sounds like Governor Herbert needs a little education about how library 
books are purchased and what the use is for. Don't we all purchase and 
develop our collections around the core curriculums specifically taught in 
our schools with encouragement of lifetime reading a second priority? 

I guess our job to explain our job will never end. Instead, it is a larger 
priority than ever. 

Diana Hanke 
DCSD library media supervisor 

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