[library-media] Tin Star Found

Bill Goodrich bgoodrich at dcsd.org
Wed Mar 24 15:04:32 MDT 2010

Thanks for all the replies.  It has been found.  Here are the replies:

Go to Google Books and type "The Tin Star".  It's in the book "A Century of
Great Western Stories". -Marilyn Taylor

The BYU Harold B Lee Library or the U of U Marriott Library should have a
copy of it. If that is too far to go to get it, maybe Interlibrary loan can
get it. Or go to the nearest University library. They may have a database
that has a copy of it. Pioneer may have a data base that has it. - Brad

Try “A Century of Great Western Stories” on Amazon.  I’m pretty sure that
story is in this anthology. - Debby Herget
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