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Fri Mar 12 12:17:22 MST 2010

Happy news!! 

We did it--all of us working together--we did it!! 

Most likely you know that the Legislature has appropriated $400,000 for school library books and electronic resources in next year's budget. What you may not know, and this is just as important, even more important, the Democratic Caucus designated school libraries a "hot spot" and appropriated $25,000 in ongoing money. The $25,000 saves the line item.  Having a line item gives us something to build on next year. 

Check out the budget summary:


Your emails must have been plentiful.  I heard often from legislators about the email "traffic" about school libraries. Some of you shared your emails with me--your messages were terrific!!

The very next thing we need to do is to say thank you. 

    First, if you emailed legislators, thank them right away.

    Second, I'm compiling a list of "heroes," not only the legislators who voted, but those who stuck out their necks for us. When you receive this list, please 
        email them. You might tell them your plans for the money--lessons, units, individual readers you support, etc. These details make "thank you" more         concrete and separates your thanks from all the others they receive. It also shows that the school library is not only an extension of the classroom, it         IS a classroom.

I thank you! I cannot say this more strongly. And the people with whom I've worked closely all year long, who went to the capitol to testify, who met with State School Board Members and legislators, who helped to contact you and to organize our "cancelled" rally with books, were steadfast and tireless. They are (alphabetically) Barbara Smith, Dennis Morgan, Diana Graff, Jim Henderson, John Eye, and Wayne Peay. We also have a group of teacher librarians who have joined a "Think Tank" and worked for months to craft a library media message. As the year goes on, you'll hear more about them They are a great group. 

But the person who has taken the lead, used his experience and expertise on our behalf, taken risks, and constantly been an advocate for school libraries over the years, is Rep. Tim Cosgrove. Please thank him as soon as you can use your own computer. He deserves our most heartfelt thanks!! tcosgrove at utah.gov

Let's celebrate! Take a break, then, let's get started on next year. 

Best wishes,

Sharyl Smith

PS Use your own computer!

Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
Former Granite School District administrator
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