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Mon Mar 8 09:38:44 MST 2010


To those of you at the UELMA luncheon last week, who decided to accept my invitation to attend the Executive Appropriations Committee meeting scheduled for this afternoon, the meeting most likely will not take place today. Please check the website for any last-minute posting of the meeting and stay "on alert" just in case they do meet today.


I'm told that the meeting scheduled for tomorrow (4:10pm in the Senate Building, the building facing the eastside parking lot,) will take place and that the agenda will be posted on the website above. 

Come as early as possible (I'm arriving at 3pm to try to save seats), come to the 2nd floor, and bring a visible book. If anyone would like to go for a bite to eat afterwards, I'm game.

If you are unable to attend, I hope you are able, but I know it's not possible for those of you who live outside the area, please telephone members of the Executive Appropriations Committee (listed on the Utah Legislature homepage under House and Senate rosters). At the very least, please email, once again, inform them of the importance of new school library books and electronic resources. Tell them how these resources benefit all students and teachers. 

Thank you for remaining active members of UELMA.

Best wishes,

Sharyl Smith

Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
Former State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
Former Granite School District administrator

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