[library-media] What I learned at UELMA - surveying your purchasing

Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Sat Mar 6 10:08:14 MST 2010

Thanks to all for a pleasant day - after the storm-tossed arrival - at the UELMA conference. A big shout out to John Smith and the board as well as Debbie and committee!! Good food, useful lessons & great presenters in my sessions, wonderful quilted gifts to the awardees, super vendors, deserving service project (cute baby, Caryn!), and friendly co-attendees.

I learned UEN has developed a terrific financial literacy website and that my nieces and nephews go to school that makes one thing of being in a very cool submarine. I learned that not all literary agents are nice to their authors, but that all Utah school librarians are genuinely helpful and self-sacrificing. I learned that advocacy is hard work, but necessary and worthwhile - thanks Sharyl. (Have you all sent your letters to the legislative Executive Finance Committee yet?) I learned that the Hollywood Librarian has nothing over the real thing and that all kinds of librarians support the services and programs of the others - thanks JaNae and Megan, Donna and team. Ditto to everyone else who attended and helped. Davis District now goes back to share and process with each other...

Last night I was thinking about money issues. Please take a few minutes to complete a survey regarding resources purchased on skimpy budgets. I will share with you all, hopefully, in the thorough manner and example of Jan.


Layton High

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