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Child, Warren G wchild at graniteschools.org
Thu Feb 25 14:58:28 MST 2010

I'm looking for a little help.  I have a student who ask me for the name of a book that she wants to read.  She says it is an older title (what she thinks is old is probably different than what we think as old).  This is her description of the book:

"The book is about a girl in a tribe who has visions.  She has to keep her visions a secret because women aren't allowed to be shamans.  Her brother steals her visions as his own.  She is soon exiled because of these visions.  She meets an old woman who is a shaman too.  The old woman teaches the girl the shaman ways and rituals.  She tattoos the girl with the shaman markings and the old woman dies.  The young girl is instructed to boil her skull and drink from it.  She returns to her tribe and proves her brother to be a false shaman."

Does anyone know what the name of this book is?


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