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Heather Tomlinson htomlinson at mountainvilleacademy.org
Thu Jan 28 15:32:48 MST 2010

I do the same - don't charge a fine unless the book is intentionally or
irreparably damaged.  

Pages falling out but still there, natural wear and tear, etc:  no fine.  I
have asked students to tape ripped pages for me.  (I just use regular clear
tape on paperbacks and well-used books.  If it's a newer/nicer book, I'll
pull out the 'good stuff' and have the student hold the page in place while
I do the actual taping)

A book was dropped in a puddle and warped.  It was just a golden book (about
$4) so I only charged a $1.50 fine.    A hardcover book had the spine chewed
by a puppy - still readable, so I charged $5 and taped over the bite marks.

No policy written in stone:  I just look at the book, and charge a couple
dollars if I think I should.

Hope that helps!

Heather Tomlinson

Certified Librarian

Mountainville Academy




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If I can fix the thing I usually don't worry about it too much. I don't want
my kids to feel like they can't use the books. Wear and tear happens.  If
the book is totally shot then it's full price. Only takes one page torn out
to make a book useless.  

No real policy written in stone or anything.





Stan Fuller
Library Media Teacher
Wahlquist Junior High

>>> "Bea Carlson" <bcarlson at dsdmail.net> 1/28/2010 12:52 PM >>>

School librarians;

  How do you assess fines for damaged books?  Is it so much for torn pages?
(so much per page?( Another amount for water damage? (on the whole book, on
a few pages?) 

Sometimes it seems that assessing fines is so arbitrary, what do you do?


Thanks for your input.




Bea Carlson
Library Media Teacher
bcarlson at dsdmail.net

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