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I may have a solution and then again maybe not.  I work with the
Colorado Springs SD 11 and they have adopted two types of personnel in
the library (I refuse to use media center...yes...I can be militant ha
The endorsed certified librarian is termed Library Technology Educator.
 They are fortunate to have endorsed certified people in their
elementaries but they also cover two elementaries much like Granite SD
did in their good days before the onslaught in the elementaries years
ago.  Part of the week the paraprofessional is in charge.  The term they
use for the paraprofessional is Library Technology Technician.  I like
this as library is still in the very first part of the term.  The middle
is indicative of computers, etc. in use.  And the later determines
certified or paraprofessional.  See what you think.
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>>> Nan Ault <nan.ault at nsanpete.org> 1/25/2010 4:37 PM >>>

Although I like that we dropped the media portion of our title, I am
disappointed that teacher is not included.  I am not just a librarian, I
am a teacher and I want my peers and students to know this.  
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