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Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us
Mon Jan 25 12:41:41 MST 2010

The only ones who can change it is all of us.  Instead of letting Sharyl
Smith and her team do the leg work for us, we should be out there showing
everybody in our communities what we do, how many hours we work and why
getting a degree is such an important part of our jobs.  We should be
writing to our legislators, talking at school board meetings, updating our
principals and making contact with teachers on a daily basis.  If everyone
at your school feels that you are important to making them teach better and
look good to their students and parents, then when it comes time for them to
cut someone ­ they will all be out there defending us.

Bu this has to be done at every school, every day by everyone of us.

--Cindy Mitchell

On 1/25/10 8:30 AM, "Lanell Rabner Rabner" <lanell.rabner at nebo.edu> wrote:

> In my humble opinion, for whatever it's worth, this is
> worse than any concern we may have over a title change.
> Slashed budgets and cut positions. This is the true
> setback for our profession. Is there really anyone out
> there with the power and foresight to change it?
> ~lanell
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