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Voni Roat Voni.Roat at ccsdut.org
Mon Jan 25 12:13:39 MST 2010

What was wrong with "Library Media Teacher!!?!!"
Now that we have everyone used to calling us "Library Media Teacher,"
we are supposed to change our name AGAIN!? How many times has it been
changed in the past 25 years?!  How can anyone take us seriously if we
can't even settle on what we should be called?!
Anyone could be a school librarian. For instance, when I became the
District Librarian in Wyoming, I inherited an adult aide (called the
"school librarian") in one of my library media centers, that just sat
and read all day. She didn't file a card, teach a lesson, straighten
anything, etc. ANYONE can be a school librarian. NOT EVERYONE can be a
Library Media Teacher!
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Media Teacher
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>>> "Sharyl Smith" <sharylsmith at att.net> 1/24/2010 11:38 AM >>>

I’m astounded!
“Disappointed” doesn’t begin to express how I feel about the AASL
leadership. Couldn’t they come up with something that hasn't been around
for fifty years? “School librarians,” was exciting when I first attended
library school in the mid-1960s; the term was meant to distinguish us
from public librarians. Today, the term is no longer new and exciting;
it says nothing about being teachers, information specialists, nor does
it imply a certificate of any kind.
Nomenclature aside, it won't matter what we call ourselves if we don't
deliver. If we don't assume the roles of teacher, reading advocate,
information specialist, program manager, and partner in planning and
teaching curriculum, it won't matter what we call ourselves. 
To conclude, AASL hasn’t done any favor for the profession by taking a
step backwards and retaining “school librarian.” 
Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former Utah State Specialist for Library Media, USOE
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