[library-media] What we call ourselves

Heather Tomlinson htomlinson at mountainvilleacademy.org
Mon Jan 25 11:15:15 MST 2010

When people ask what I do, I tell them I teach.  When they ask for more
details, I explain that I am a school librarian and teach grades 1 - 5.  

Telling people I teach before telling them I'm a librarian seems to help
them realize I do more than just story time.  
I have never really liked the 'media specialist' title, myself...  Librarian
does seem a lot clearer.  Besides, "Librarian" is the job I've wanted ever
since being a library aide in 4th grade!

Heather Tomlinson
Certified Librarian
Mountainville Academy

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I would like to say I feel most proud when I tell someone I am a librarian.
I think most people respect that profession. I also think that everyone
knows basically what a librarian does. You shouldn't have to explain your
fancy job title - your title should speak for itself, and everyone doesn't
have to know every job that you perform under that title. The people you
work with know your value and what you have to offer because you give it to
them everyday.  I vote for School Librarian. 

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