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Lanell Rabner lanell.rabner at nebo.edu
Fri Jan 22 09:48:03 MST 2010

Great suggestion Kirsten!  As budgets get tighter we all 
need to look for and share free resources that will 
continue to bring quality and oft-times adjudicated 
content to our users. So don't forget Infotopia 
(http://www.infotopia.info/ ), the search engine that 
indexes exclusively informational resources recommended by 
librarians, teachers, and library and educational 
consortia. They've now added a new directory for the ARTS.

It can be found at: 
http://www.infotopia.info/directory/arts.html .

Keep the suggestions coming. Our ability to survive this 
economic pressure cooker we live is dependent upon our 
willingness to collaborate - sharing our knowledge, 
experience, and expertise. Have an excellent weekend. And 
remember, just keeping your door open and the lights on is 
still something good!


Lanell Rabner
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On Fri, 22 Jan 2010 09:07:50 -0700
  Kirsten Weber <kirsten.weber at sevier.k12.ut.us> wrote:
> Caryn,
> I'm not sure what newspapers you use, but The Tribune 
>and Deseret News  give us 10 free copies every day as 
>part of the Newspapers in  Education program. We have 
>teachers that use the extra copies and we  also allow 
>students to take free copies.  It has saved us several 
> hundred dollars a year. I don't get the weekend papers, 
>but when  students or faculty ask about them I steer them 
>to the free digital  versions available through Pioneer 
> Our local newspaper also gives us a free subscription.
> Kirsten Weber
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> On Jan 22, 2010, at 7:57 AM, Caryn McGinty wrote:
>> I second that one! I still had a budget before last 
>> legislative session, and I lost it ALL when they cut 
>> funding. The district immediately froze my funds then 
>>used them for  
>> other school  purchases. Haven’t really had a budget 
>>since. One  
>> thing I had already done, though, was use one of those 
>> subscription services, so I’m still getting a few new 
>>books a month  
>> long after my money was cut off. Thank goodness for 
>>that! I also  
>> paid in advance for as many periodicals as I could; not 
>>only did  
>> two- and three-year renewals save me money per year, but 
>>I’m still  
>> getting the newspapers and magazines for my students, 
>>even though I  
>> don’t have the money to spend. I’ll have to deal with it 
>>when the  
>> subscriptions run out, but at least it buys me a little 
>> Caryn
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>> Greetings!
>> Just in case: Make thoughtful choices, but I suggest 
>>that you spend  
>> your budgets immediately.
>> The Public Education Appropriations Joint Subcommittee 
>> (Wednesday) discussed the further cuts that must be made 
>>this year.  
>> I was very much impressed with the thought that if you 
>>have money  
>> left in your budgets, make purchasing a high priority.
>> Sharyl
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Lanell Rabner
Springville High School
1205 East 900 South
Springville, Utah 84663 USA
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