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I second that one! I still had a budget before last year's legislative
session, and I lost it ALL when they cut education funding. The district
immediately froze my funds then used them for other school  purchases.
Haven't really had a budget since. One thing I had already done, though,
was use one of those book subscription services, so I'm still getting a
few new books a month long after my money was cut off. Thank goodness
for that! I also paid in advance for as many periodicals as I could; not
only did two- and three-year renewals save me money per year, but I'm
still getting the newspapers and magazines for my students, even though
I don't have the money to spend. I'll have to deal with it when the
subscriptions run out, but at least it buys me a little time.




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Just in case: Make thoughtful choices, but I suggest that you spend your
budgets immediately. 


The Public Education Appropriations Joint Subcommittee today (Wednesday)
discussed the further cuts that must be made this year. I was very much
impressed with the thought that if you have money left in your budgets,
make purchasing a high priority.




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