[library-media] UELMA newsletter subscribers

Kirsten Weber kirsten.weber at sevier.k12.ut.us
Thu Dec 10 14:25:20 MST 2009


I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but whenever someone replies  
to the UELMA newsletter subscription service they are sending a  
message to everyone on the List Serv. Now, as much as I love getting e- 
mail, I'm not really interested in knowing everyone that is subscribing.

For those who haven't subscribed yet, and will be, please just send an  
e-mail directly to:

uelmanewsletter at lists.uen.org

Kirsten Weber
Media Coordinator
Richfield High School
510 W. Wildcat Way
Richfield, UT  84701
(435) 896-8247

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