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Good morning,
          I just want to share a recent author visit we had with the young author of Bone Warriors, Bron Bahlmann.  He came to Emery High, 2 Jr Highs and 5 elementaries here in Emery school district.  (It took him two days)  Bron just turned 16 a few weeks ago.  He is a sophomore at Manti High school.  He has been writing his novel since he was eleven years old.
         His presentation includes a slide show which is very inspirational.  He teaches that most students could also be writers if they just follow the steps he took.  His mother, Shirley Bahlmann (who is also an author), accompanies him, since he doesn't have a drivers incense yet.  At the end of his presentation his mom takes over (she's a hoot) while Bron leaves.  He comes back in walking on tall, metal, bouncy stilts, which is very impressive since he is already 6' 2" tall.  He goes on to tell the students about the steps it took for him to learn to walk on stilts are similar to the steps it takes to learn to write.
         His web site is www.bonewarriors.com.  You can either contact him there or call his mom at 435-340-1593.  Each school paid him $100.00.  He can bring copies of his book to the assemblies or you can get them at Amazon.com.
        I am a huge supporter of author visits to schools.  I know students are many times more likely to read a book, if they have met the author, and he/she has autographed their copy.    Get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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