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Larry Jeppesen Larry.Jeppesen at ccsdut.org
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     I find that one of the most difficult things for everyone to understand in moving from a site based catalog to a union catalog is the fact that everything you do in a cataloging mode affects everyone else in the district.  That seems to be a difficult concept to catch hold of.
     Another issue that enters in to this equation is the level of training our people have.  I find that many of those entering the field today do not have the level of training some of us old timers had.  Anyone can look up the marc records, but knowing what to look for and what the tags mean is quite a different story.  I think it is important for those districts that cannot afford the district cataloger to do some special training to get everyone on the same page.  I am just very grateful that cataloging has progressed to the level it has.  It used to be the most difficult and time consuming thing I did.
     I also find that some companies do not have people on board who recognize the ramifications of accurate and complete marc records.  Most are dependable, but I always check the first few times I order from a company.
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