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Good advise Kim. I wish it were a reality for many of us. 
And since having a district cataloger is not even a remote 
possibility, we all need to be vigilant and remember what 
the purpose of cataloging is - access. Good subject 
headings are key to finding a record. Patrons frequently 
do a subject search when they should be doing a keyword 
search, so having adequate and correct subject headings is 

It would also be nice if we made sure we had the same 
edition of a book before adding a copy to the mother 
record, as pagination, illustrations, the forward, etc. 
may differ from edition to edition. That may be a picky 
requirement, however, sometimes users need the edition 
where that new or additional information is found.

Cataloging is just plain one of those anal areas of 
librarianship. Standards and guidelines are there to 
promote consistency from one library to another, making 
library skills transferable from one institution to 
another. Maybe I've been a librarian for too many years 
because I still think following AACR2 cataloging rules is 
good practice even in a school library.

~lanell rabner
Springville High School

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 13:30:41 -0600
  "Kim Hanson" <khanson at btsb.com> wrote:
> I agree with Marianne.  Several years ago, I had 
>experienced with two school districts who merged their 
>records as a union catalog.  While this seemed like a 
>good idea there was not a policy in place for 
>requirements for the record and anyone could use a vendor 
>record or create one on their own.  Unfortunately, there 
>were times when a quality record was replaced with one of 
>poor quality thus shutting off the title on the OPAC and 
>the title was not circulating.  I am an advocate of 
>districts with union catalogs to assign the duties of 
>cataloging to a district cataloger with requirements set 
>in place.  This does a few things.  First, the patron is 
>able to find what they are looking for after a complete 
>search of all titles instead of walling off part of the 
>collection.  Second, a rogue record created by a 
>librarian who wants to catalog a book she picked up at a 
>local bookstore or book fair is not allowed.  And 
>finally, third, this relieves the librarians in the 
>school district of a task freeing up their time to attend 
>to other duties and making them more accessible to the 
>patrons.  I have seen this work very well in Salt Lake 
>School District among others.
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>>>> "Bates, Marianne" <Marianne.Bates at canyonsdistrict.org> 
>>>>12/9/2009 11:56 AM >>>
> Those of us who are in districts where catalogs have 
>been merged to form a district or a union catalog can 
>attest to the importance of good records.  I agree with 
>Bill on the importance of access points and subject 
>heading, but it is very easy to see the importance of 
>good records when a district merges a catalog, and 50 
>different versions of HATCHET (or any other popular book) 
>show up after the merge.  Maybe some librarians  in 
>Weber, Jordan, Canyons, and other districts can comment 
>on this aspect of good records and what really 
>constitutes a "good" record.
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