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Quality records are so prevalent that isn't much of an issue any more.  When
I do have to create a record myself, I focus on providing good access points
in the record especially good subject headings.  If the student can find the
information, that is the key.  After that, publication dates are important
so that I can weed effectively.  I don't lose a lot of sleep over details
that students or teachers don't care about.  Most patrons don't care if *Alex
Rider* is published by Philomel Books or Scholastic.


2009/12/8 Kim Hanson <khanson at btsb.com>

>  Cindy,
> If I may weigh in on this as someone who sees alot of schools, cataloging
> should provide the patrons with the ability to find what they are looking
> for.  I have seen much over my years from one library who only included the
> title and author to having too much information.  In my first years selling
> books, there was a great deal of issue with mini MARC records being provided
> from most of the publisher reps and wholesalers.  At that time the issue was
> whether a vendor was creating their own records that stayed with strict
> policies having the records created by a librarian they had on staff.  Now I
> find most vendors have very good records that allow the OPAC to guide the
> patron to what they are looking for.  I don't think MARC records are an
> issue to being a "perfect librarian" unless they are creating their own and
> only putting in basic information.  With all the tools available online and
> through quality vendors, MARC records should be available and easily
> imported to the circulation system with little time or effort.
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> >>> Cindy Mitchell <cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us> 12/8/2009 1:48:24 PM
> >>>
> Ok - I have seven pages of information to read through - thank you for your
> input on an organized library.  Here is the next topic of discussion:
> Cataloging - what does cataloging have to do with being the best librarian
> with the best library?  What standards should you be held to, do you hold
> yourself to?  What does bad cataloging look like, what does examplary
> cataloging look like?
> Don't worry - when I have read through all of the ORGANIZED pages, I will
> tell you the kinds of things everyone suggested too. Right now I need to
> digest!
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