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I’ve worked to gently and patiently teach my students to clean up after themselves when they’re in the library, and have had some great results. It soon becomes a habit for most of them to log off their computers, throw away their trash, put away any magazines/games they were using and push in their chairs before they go. I think part of education should include teaching students how to be good, conscientious citizens, which includes having them learn to pick up after themselves. Plus then they learn to respect the library – and it helps keep the place neat for the next batch of students! Honestly, at first it’s a lot more work for me teach them to do this than to just pick up after them myself, but I think it’s a good lesson for them, and after a while it does pay off.


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Good Morning Everyone - 

I am doing some research and have decided to pick your collective brains – for two reasons.  First – you are some of the smartest people I know.  Secondly, because I know you are passionate about libraries..  So – for the next while I will be sending out a topic or two.  Please respond with what you think this particular item mean towards being a great librarian.  I am really looking for the details that you encounter every day that brings that issue into focus in your library.  What does this item mean to you as being part of being a great librarian? How do you address this topic in order to have a great library? What do you have to do in order to achieve this goal?

Today’s topic:

Maintaining an Orderly Library

Send you thoughts – THANKS!

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