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One thing no one has mentioned is the power of learning from others. 
Every time I go into a library (whether it is a school library, the
local public library or a library in Kineton, England!) I look and see
what others have done to make their library orderly and efficient.  We
have been able to incorporate many things in our library at Weber High
thanks to some of your wonderful ideas! Basic orderliness is essential,
but I also believe that making the library welcoming also makes it
inviting.  Read posters, book displays, and bulletin boards all add to
the overall ambiance of the library.  I have an amazing assistant, Teri
Bullough, who makes wonderful displays for our library.  I am fortunate
to have her help in all aspects of our library management.
On the subject of spine labels, our spine labels were "all over the
place" when I arrived at Weber High.  I came from a library where all
the spine labels were uniformly placed on the books (that was the way my
predecessor did it) so that's how I learned to do it.  We now do it at
Weber High.  We haven't gone back and changed all the old spine labels,
but using a paper guide it is very easy to consistently put spine labels
in the same location making it look more orderly as you scan the
Joanne Christensen

>>> Cindy Mitchell <cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us> 12/1/2009 9:13 AM
Good Morning Everyone - 

I am doing some research and have decided to pick your collective
brains – for two reasons.  First – you are some of the smartest people I
know.  Secondly, because I know you are passionate about libraries..  So
– for the next while I will be sending out a topic or two.  Please
respond with what you think this particular item mean towards being a
great librarian.  I am really looking for the details that you encounter
every day that brings that issue into focus in your library.  What does
this item mean to you as being part of being a great librarian? How do
you address this topic in order to have a great library? What do you
have to do in order to achieve this goal?

Today’s topic:

Maintaining an Orderly Library

Send you thoughts – THANKS!

-- Cindy Mitchell
South Jordan Middle School
10245 S 2700 W
South Jordan UT 84095
FAX 801-412-2930

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