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Our school sends those kind of fines to a collection agency.  Unfortunately, whatever is collected goes into the general budget.  So, it seems some battles can rarely be won.  I know one high school librarian in our district  that charges the lost cost to the administration with the philosophy that proper withdrawal processes needed to be refined.  ...Don't know how much, if any, is recouped, but it's a gutsy stand to take.  You go!!
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>>> "Caryn McGinty" <mcgintyc at grandschools.org> 12/2/2009 12:16 PM >>>
Once again this morning we have a student who dropped out and never returned the two books she borrowed. Both of them, of course, were very popular ones with long lists of students waiting to read them. This happens every week or two, where someone either drops out or transfers to another school and doesn't ever return their books. It makes me so irate! Because of financial troubles with our district I literally do not have a budget this year, so I can't just replace any books that walk away. Now all those students who were waiting to read those two books will be disappointed. 

Kids at this high school are supposed to check out with everyone before they leave, but many of those who owe books either skip library checkout or simply don't bother to check out at all. There seems to be no recourse. I'm just told, with a shrug, "Well, they're already gone so there's not much we can do about it now."

Is that true? Or is there something that can be done? In my high school and university if you owed anything at all you couldn't get your transcripts, so you couldn't transfer or graduate. But that was in a different state, as well as several years ago. How on earth do you prevent this from happening? Or, when it happens, how do you rectify it?

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