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Dear Ms. Loutensock,

In an effort to encourage young people towards the inclusion of people with disabilities, Welcome Change is doing outreach tasks of its award-winning films that profile self-advocates with a disability who contribute social capital to their communities.

The Collector of Bedford Street, currently being used by Kiwanis International for its Youth Leadership Training profiles 63 year-old Larry Selman, a community activist with an intellectual disability who collects money for a variety of charities.  Larry recently received the Caring Award from the Caring Institute for his tireless fundraising efforts in community-strengthening activities.  This Academy Award-nominated film follows the journey of his community to provide a support network for him when his last surviving relative's health begins to fail.  His neighbors set up a supplemental trust to ensure his future needs are taken care of because of the inspiration he's been to the community.  It enlightens the public about opportunities to support those with varying abilities that enrich our communities while deeply respecting how these individuals add enormous texture to our lives.

Note: The Collector of Bedford Street will be streamed for FREE the entire day of Sunday, December 13 at New Day Digital - www.newdaydigital.com<http://www.newdaydigital.com/>

Secondarily, Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy is a rare look at an unusual relationship between two people with disabilities.  The film tells the story of Diana Braun who has Down Syndrome, and Kathy Conour who has Cerebral Palsy and is non-verbal, and their tireless activism for the rights of people with disabilities.  Diana and Kathy met at a sheltered workshop three decades ago and vowed to live independent, non-institutionalized lives.  Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy moves beyond disability and activism to a story of a profound, creative friendship that invites the viewer to realize that anything is possible if you're willing to fight for it.

"This film is a must-see for anyone interested in learning about two humans who will go down in history as champions and disability-rights heroes."

John Raffaele, Director of Staff Training and Development at New Hope Community

Note: Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy will be streamed for FREE the entire day of Wednesday, December 9 at New Day Digital - www.newdaydigital.com<http://www.newdaydigital.com/>

Both of these films are available through New Day Films by visiting www.newday.com<http://www.newday.com/>.  The DVDs are loaded with extras, including audio description, English closed-captioning, several languages in subtitles, and more.  There is discount set up specifically for high schools - for either or both films - of 35% off, and the code for this is "leadership".

We hope you will take a moment to learn about these wonderful contributors taking steps to include people with a variety of abilities in every setting.  Please take a look at our website at www.welcomechange.org<http://www.welcomechange.org/> to learn more!

Thanks very much for your time.
With warm regards,

Rachel Gordon
Outreach Director
Welcome Change Productions
107 Bedford Street, upper one
New York, NY  10014
outreach at welcomechange.org<mailto:outreach at welcomechange.org>

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