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I second Susan’s opinion about it being essential to have an orderly
library. Getting my library in order these last 2 ½ years has been a real
challenge, but rewarding. The library usage has increased dramatically, I
feel part of the success is because it now looks and feels like a library.
Students and teachers alike comment on how easy it is to find materials they
need and how the whole environment of the media center has changed. Cleaning
house to get an orderly library is not the easiest task to tackle but it has
increased our work efficiency and ease in finding those resources you need
in a timely manner.


Jeri Albrecht

Librarian Teacher

Bingham High School


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I think it is essential.  I have literally been in hundreds of libraries
across the United States when I trained for Dynix.  I have been in the
majority of the libraries in Jordan/Canyons districts.  It has especially
been revealing when working with elementary libraries that vary from OCD
clean and orderly to dusty, sticky, cluttered.  

A well ordered library with engaging displays and plenty of lighting is much
more conducive to leisurely browsing as well as intense researching.  There
is just a totally different feeling walking into an orderly environment.  

I do think orderliness can be taken to an absurd extreme, however.  I
remember a librarian many years ago at West High School that actually
bragged that she had spent two whole years re-doing all her call numbers.
Every call number in the collection was the same size and started EXACTLY
one inch from the bottom of the book.  I was appalled that all the
activities she could have been promoting to increase information literacy
and the love of literature had been sacrificed for such a ridiculous end.

It is sort of like going to someones house for dinner.  If the house is a
complete disaster, your appetite can be severely affected.

2009/12/1 Cindy Mitchell <cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us
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Good Morning Everyone - 

I am doing some research and have decided to pick your collective brains –
for two reasons.  First – you are some of the smartest people I know.
Secondly, because I know you are passionate about libraries...  So – for the
next while I will be sending out a topic or two.  Please respond with what
you think this particular item mean towards being a great librarian.  I am
really looking for the details that you encounter every day that brings that
issue into focus in your library.  What does this item mean to you as being
part of being a great librarian? How do you address this topic in order to
have a great library? What do you have to do in order to achieve this goal?

Today’s topic:

Maintaining an Orderly Library

Send you thoughts – THANKS!

-- Cindy Mitchell
South Jordan Middle School
10245 S 2700 W
South Jordan UT 84095
FAX 801-412-2930

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