[library-media] Scope and Sequence for Library Media CoreCurriculum

Diana Hanke dhanke at dcsd.org
Tue Nov 3 11:20:59 MST 2009

That is actually what we started doing.  We looked at each objective and
applied specific skills based on maturity levels.  We did find ourselves
referring back to Kindergarten ­ Sixth grades as we applied the process.

On 11/3/09 10:55 AM, "Loutensock, Georgia"
<Georgia.Loutensock at schools.utah.gov> wrote:

> Could we apply scope and sequence for the order in which specific types of
> resources are introduced?  Although, we teach the same steps for research on
> all levels, younger students learn how to use encyclopedias fairly early and
> older students learn to find peer-reviewed scholarly journals fairly late.

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