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Please excuse cross-postings.<XXML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>
The Division of Public Programs at the U.S. National Endowment for the
Humanities (NEH) funds humanities projects that are intended for broad
public audiences at museums, libraries, historic sites and other
historical and cultural organizations.<O:P></O:P>
New application guidelines are now posted on the NEH Web site (<A
target=_blank>www.neh.gov) for our America's Historical and Cultural
Organizations and Interpreting America’s Historic Places grant
competitions. The next two deadlines are January 13, 2010, and August
18, 2010.   <O:P></O:P>
Grants support interpretive exhibitions, reading or film discussion
series, historic site interpretation, lecture series and symposia, and
digital projects.  NEH especially encourages projects that offer
multiple formats and make creative use of new technology to deliver
humanities content. <O:P></O:P>
Program officers in the Division of Public Programs are available to
assist you, whether it is to discuss project ideas or to read a draft of
a proposal. Please call the NEH Division of Public Programs
(202-606-8269) or contact a program officer directly. Below are the
names and contact information for the Division’s program
Barbara Bays, 202-606-8290, <A href="mailto:bbays at neh.gov"
target=_blank>bbays at neh.gov<O:P></O:P>
Jeff Hardwick, 202-606-8287, <A href="mailto:jhardwick at neh.gov"
target=_blank>jhardwick at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
Clay Lewis, 202-606-8288, <A href="mailto:clewis at neh.gov"
target=_blank>clewis at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
David Martz, 202-606-8297, <A href="mailto:dmartz at neh.gov"
target=_blank>dmartz at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
John Meredith, 202-606-8218, <A href="mailto:jmeredith at neh.gov"
target=_blank>jmeredith at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
Karen Mittelman, 202-606-8631, <A href="mailto:kmittelman at neh.gov"
target=_blank>kmittelman at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
Kathleen Mulvaney, 202-606-8270, <A href="mailto:kmulvaney at neh.gov"
target=_blank>kmulvaney at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
Danielle Shapiro, 202-606-8241, <A href="mailto:dshapiro at neh.gov"
target=_blank>dshapiro at neh.gov <O:P></O:P>
Michael Shirley, 202-606-8293, <A href="mailto:mshirley at neh.gov"
target=_blank>mshirley at neh.gov<O:P></O:P>
David Weinstein, 202-606-8308, <A href="mailto:dweinstein at neh.gov"
target=_blank>dweinstein at neh.gov<O:P></O:P>
ALA Public Programs Office<O:P></O:P>
<A href="http://www.ala.org/publicprograms"
<A href="mailto:publicprograms at ala.org"
target=_blank>publicprograms at ala.org<O:P></O:P>
<O:P> </O:P>

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