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Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us
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If you are still interested in getting the Chris Heimerdinger (Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites) and the Melody Carlson (True Colors) books as rebound books through Perma-Bound, I have finally put together the information.

The Chris Heimerdinger books I think most everyone already knows about.  The Melody Carlson books are an excellent series about teenage girls facing serious problems and they receive real world help and strength from God to overcome them.  I have four copies of each of this series and they are constantly checked out, passing from hand to hand.  I have a paper I put together with the titles of each Carlson book and an summary and the titles of all ten Heimerdinger books.  If you want this as a reference, shoot me an email and I will attach it.

The Heimerdinger books are $15.31 each, while the Carlson books are $16.13.  We have to have a combined order for ten copies of a title in order to get them at this price.  When you place the prder, you need to include this information:  "QUOTE # 915075-00" on your paperwork.  You do not send any paperwork to me - you just go through your district channels and include the price, title and that quote #.  Perma bound will keep track of how many copies get ordered and let me know when there are enough copies.

Please let your neighborhood libraries also know about this deal - or even librarian friends from out of state.  Let's set a final order date of NOVEMBER 13th for getting these orders in - that way it doesn't linger forever!

Anyone interested? Please let me know if you are ordering, even if you don't need the title summaries.

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